Calm your stress and anxiety - Turn your Inner Critic into a Supportive Fan

Take back control of your life with this easy technique. Build calm confidence! Turn your critical inner voice to an encouraging supportive voice.

Download the 5 steps to changing your inner voice now. 

Turn Self Doubt into Confident Courage

I enable smart women entrepreneurs attract clients by becoming relaxed on video so they can confidently show their expertise without nervous self-doubt - and still be themselves on camera.

Learn to believe in yourself and confidently follow your dreams.

Align your reality with your heart-dream so you can live true to yourself with ease and grace instead of feeling like an imposter and getting stuck in anxiety, doubt, and uncertainty.

I've traveled that road and can guide you on the shortest route from self-doubt to self-confident courage.

Positive Results Coaching will:

Positive Results Coaching will:

Transformation Mindset Coaching will:

Enable you to be as relaxed on video as chatting to a friend over coffee
Present on video with confident ease
Release anxiety and fears that stop you from fulfilling your dreams 
Connect with your heart-dream 
Turn self-doubt into self-confidence and courage 
Create new ways of thinking that make your heart desire possible
Give you tools to manage stress and clear your mind 

Client Experiences

    Dimi is a communications coach who wanted help with a crucial client interview presentation because she felt overwhelmed and unsure how to best showcase her expertise. In one hour she was able to shift her focus and transform her approach. She was able to conduct the interview with confidence.

   Anel is virtual assistant who asked for a review of her course video. In 90 mins she understood what factors to enhance so she could connect more authentically with her audience. She was able to present her course with more conviction and ease.

    Cheryl loved being a realtor but was just getting by instead of earning her dream income. In 4 weeks she gained the confidence to sell a prestige property that earned her a third of her previous annual income, and immediately gained her another prestige property to sell. She now knows she can achieve her heart-dream of being an award-winning realtor.

About Me

My desire to help women live their best life by overcoming self-doubt started in my teens and led me on a journey of self-discovery. I realised that much of my own self-doubt had been the result of growing up 'lost' in a large family. I was a reserved middle child with different interests and needs to my siblings. Because I didn't speak up for myself, it was assumed I was happy being included in activities chosen by others... while I didn't think I had any options...

To my early desire to help others I have added the experience gained from my life lessons (including overcoming camera-phobia) and the knowledge and wisdom of twenty plus years’ experience in complementary health. I now have a deep understanding of the way in which your body and mind work together to give you the life experience you desire.

How can I help you?

Just For You:
Personalised coaching using all the skills I've learnt plus a lifetime of experience working with people condensed into my 'Build Your ARK' process of
Accepting your present situation so that you can take Responsibility

for changing it once you Know what you really want.

* Discover Your North Star : ignite your passion and purpose by living true to yourself
* Short courses: 

     Banish Video Jitters : 4 weeks to video confidence
      Confident Goal Setting: Blueprint for Success 
      Break Through Procrastination : remove your blocks to confident success

Topics related to the power of mindset, overcoming imposter syndrome, stress, retraining your inner critic, procrastination, anxiety, and releasing childhood trauma.


My Clients Say

" highly recommend Marion for her ability to coach professionals in building video presence and confidence on camera.
Marion has a gifted eye for identifying opportunities to enhance factors that allow a presenter to connect more authentically with their audience. Her insightful guidance empowered me to deliver my material with greater conviction and ease.
Marion is a true professional when it comes to polishing on-camera skills. Her personalized approach, expertise, and ability to foster confidence make her an invaluable resource for anyone looking to uplevel their camera confidence." 

Anel Korsten
Virtual Assistant

"Marion's coaching was a game-changer.  She has a natural gift for effective presentation skills and provided me with excellent advice that transformed my approach.
Marion’s innate talent for presentation skills and her ability to help others make her an exceptional coach. She goes beyond just helping individuals overcome camera fears; she helps craft presentations that leave a lasting impression.
Thank you, Marion, for your outstanding support and guidance."

Dimi Martins 

Communicatoins Skills Coach