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How often do you say ‘not enough’ – not enough time, money, energy, experience, knowledge… but secretly feel you’re not good enough? Does ‘life’ keep sabotaging your plans? Do you struggle to achieve what you want?

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What Do You Want to Change?

Imagine waking up free from sabotaging beliefs and behaviours knowing that you are good enough, good enough to do, good enough to achieve, good enough to be everything and all that you want! How often do you say ‘not enough’

Marion Nixon


I have worked in natural health for over two decades, during which time I realised that health starts in the mind, not the body. I now focus my work on enabling my clients to change the hidden beliefs that keep

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Work With Me

Our beliefs about ourselves and the world were formed to help us make sense of our lives and keep us safe when we were growing up, but now in our adult life they’re sabotaging our success. The good news is

Marion is empathetic, intuitive and a good listener, as well as being a practical person and she brings a gentle innate wisdom to her work. She knows instinctively what it is the client needs. Treatments with Marion are always a pleasure and she is able to get to the root of the problem, be it stress or a physical issue. In a nutshell Marion knows what she is doing and she does it extremely well. I have always left Marion’s treatments feeling gently energised, healed, relaxed and with a sense of well-being.

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