Align your purpose and passion for success

Marion Nixon             
Positive Results Coach

I help successful busy women who are stuck in other people's expectations live true to themselves and move from self-doubt to self-confidence.

Are you done with others' expectations?
You want more out of life - more fun, more meaning, more impact.
Are you tired of struggling,
Tired of your own plans being sabotaged by other people's needs,
Tired of feeling unfulfilled, unsatisfied, unheard, unimportant...
You yearn to live your own life on your own terms.

I've been there and can now guide you on the shortest road from self-doubt to self-confidence.

Imagine waking up
       clear headed      
       confident and in control         
       energised and motivated       
       free from sabotaging beliefs and behaviours 

       knowing that you are good enough 
       good enough to do

                           to achieve  
                           to be all you want
You CAN have the life you desire and the journey is easier than you think!    

                           I'd love to show you how.    

Positive Results Coaching
Identify your values, passion, and purpose
Effectively release inner resistance to anxiety and fears that hold you back from fulfilling your purpose
Build self-confidence and change your Inner Critic into a Positive Supporter
Create new ways of thinking and new habits that grow your success using techniques based on neuroplasticity
Learn stress management tools that clear your mind and enable you to make decisions aligned with your values.  

Discover the key to a fulfilling life.
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They Say

Mrs S Basler
" I have worked with Marion for many years. She has been there for me when I have most needed it, calming me with her wisdom and genuine desire to help. I highly recommend her for EFT or even just to steer you in the right direction."

Janine Haywood
"Marion has helped me clear deep preverbal trauma. It has been fascinating work, helping me to find clarity, healing and peace on very deep and painful issues. Marion can hold space with strength and gentleness with whatever I bring. It is amazing how many phobias have cleared in our work together. Empowering stuff.”

Casey Jacobs
I have just been so busy. All with college work. I am SO so happy to be back. It feels weird thinking that I almost left. But I am so grateful for all that I learnt last week and my growth from there. I feel in control and ready to face almost everything. I almost forgot about my own courage. I have even helped a friend or two, and shared your number as well, I hope you don't mind. I'm constantly trying to use all sorts of your methods every time of the day. Thank You so much for everything! Lots of blessings to you! Thank You so much! You are such a kind, inspiring soul and I hope to help others the way you can, and with your help too! Looking forward to seeing you again sometime in the near future!”