April 20


Success is an Inside Job!

By Marion Nixon

April 20, 2022

Success requires growth and growth means transformation and you need to do that for yourself. As a coach, I am your guide and can show you the way but I can't transform you.

Think about a sports coach – they will show the player what to do, encourage them to believe they can achieve their full potential, and hold them accountable for the practice time they put in. What the coach doesn’t do is actually play on behalf of the player -though they will usually have played the sport in their own right.

That is the way life and business works too. There are plenty of opportunities to learn from others directly through coaching or mentoring (they are different processes) or indirectly by observing or reading about the way others have done what you aspire to do. Then you need to take the action to make it happen, and that’s where your mindset is key.

The well-known saying attributed to Henry Ford remains true – if you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right. Whatever you believe about yourself is what you create around you. If you believe you can, obstacles and setbacks are just part of the journey, moments when you may need to put in some extra energy, or look for some outside guidance. If you believe you can’t, those same circumstances can discourage you from doing more, or even be a reason to give up.

We all have moments of self-doubt, or doubt in the viability of the project we’re working on. It’s how you respond to those feelings that matter. What story do you tell yourself? It’s your mindset, the story you tell yourself, that makes the difference.

The good news is that you can change your mindset story. The beliefs you hold about yourself and what you can achieve lie in your subconscious. Endless positive affirmations and self-talk does eventually have a good effect, but the best way to change those subconscious beliefs is to directly reprogramme them. It’s easier than you think when you work with someone who knows the way.

I’ve traveled that road on my own journey of overcoming self-doubt. Even though growing up I was often given leadership roles and went on numerous leadership training camps, I didn’t see myself as a leader, and so in adulthood it took me years to fulfill my potential. My mindset journey from self-doubt to self-confidence has given me a lifetime of experience and training that I love using to guide others to fulfill their potential so much more quickly than I was able to.

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Marion Nixon

About the author

I love enabling women make their heart-dream real and supporting them as they grow in courage and confidence.

My desire to help others comes from my personal experience of breaking free from personal limiting beliefs into a new way of life. I’ve learnt how to clear the hidden inner resistance that holds you back from achieving your dreams and want to share that with you.

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