June 29


What’s on your goodies list?

By Marion Nixon

June 29, 2022

Do you have a goodies list? I heard this term on a recent training course. It’s a list of feel good things to choose from when you’re feeling down, to lift your energy and mood.

When your energy is low, and life feels heavy it is important to acknowledge the way you feel. However, staying in that low energy state perpetuates it and you’ll keep seeing more things to make you feel low. The antidote is to do something to lift yourself into a lighter more positive state of mind.

Here are a few ideas from my list:

1. A hot bath or shower. I find a shower is more energising than a bath, but there’s nothing like a hot bath if I need to relax!

2. My go-to to clear my mind and get focused, is exercise. Sometimes a good workout is what I need, other times a walk, particularly in the forest on Table Mountain as there I get the added benefit of the trees! (Do you know that the Japanese practise ‘forest bathing’ to counteract stress? Just sitting among trees can de-stress you!)

3. Laughter! Not always an easy one when you’re feeling low, but worth finding something that makes you laugh. Laughter Yoga is good – in its simplest form, you start making the sounds of laughter and after a minute or two you’ll find you’re really laughing! If you have children, make it into a game with them and they’ll learn a life skill!

4. The proverbial cup of tea – or coffee – savoured in an uplifting place such as your favourite chair, or a sunny spot.

There’s lots more, but it’s time for you to make your list! You’ll find thinking about all the things that make you feel good is itself uplifting! (And if your Inner Critic gets in your way, download my ebook so you can turn it into a Supportive Fan!)

And if you need to talk (another one on my list) give me a call.

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Marion Nixon

About the author

I love enabling women make their heart-dream real and supporting them as they grow in courage and confidence.

My desire to help others comes from my personal experience of breaking free from personal limiting beliefs into a new way of life. I’ve learnt how to clear the hidden inner resistance that holds you back from achieving your dreams and want to share that with you.

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