October 12


I took my own medicine!

By Marion Nixon

October 12, 2022

Today I took my own medicine!

In a conversation about procrastination last night I found myself thinking, ‘I’m not procrastinating, I’m stuck, I don’t know what to do next.’  Except that from the outside it looks the same… and during the conversation I realised I did know what to do next! So I have been stuck in the overwhelm version of procrastination.

The first sign of overwhelm for me is that I distract myself from things that have a deadline by doing things that are not urgent. Ticking them off my to do list counterbalances my angst about the ever nearing deadline! If I don’t remedy the situation I end up working late at night or missing out on other things when I finally do work on the now urgent task. Does this happen to you?

The solution is to pause and look inwards. Overwhelm is a state of mind, so ask yourself what is the feeling underneath it and why do you feel that way? Ask with gentle curiosity, not judgement. When you know what the feeling is – often some form of anxiety – and what is causing it, you can deal with that and clear the way to taking action. And it’s ok to ask for help!

If the cause is an impossibly long to do list, colour code items by priority and allocate specific time periods to each task. In the interest of your sanity, some ‘nice to do’ things may need to go on a waiting list. And for the same reason, you also need to include some fun, uplifting things. It’s all about balance. Again, be willing to ask for help, and to delegate or outsource if possible.

Today I made progress by implementing a suggestion given to me last night, I received some additional help which clarified my next step, and I did some inner work.

My medicine worked!  Call me if you need some too.

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Marion Nixon

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