November 12


What I learnt playing croquet

By Marion Nixon

November 12, 2022

I played my first croquet game recently.  Although it’s not much physical exercise, I was surprised how much mental exercise it is! And it requires a good relationship with yourself. Being a rookie, I hit many poor shots, but kept my self-talk positive, had fun, and focused on improving my technique.

One person I played with kept saying that even after 3 months she’s useless! She played at my rookie level I suspect because for 3 months she’s been telling herself she’s useless, and so hasn’t improved much. It was a good example of how self-talk influences your life experience. At the end of the afternoon she still felt useless, and I felt invigorated and keen to improve beyond rookie status!

It’s not always easy to acknowledge that your mindset contributes about 70% to your success. Working harder isn’t always the answer when things aren’t going right. What’s going on inside you? Are you paying lip service to believing in yourself and your business/project? Do you really believe in what you’re doing? What story are you telling yourself?

In my own experience, it’s when I ask someone for guidance that I get to the core of what I need to do to achieve my goals. In talking to another person I get greater clarity and often they will have insights I miss. Over the years of working with people I’ve realized that ‘connecting dots’ for my clients in ways they can’t see for themselves comes easy to me even though it’s not so easy to do it for myself!

If you need help with fine tuning your mindset to achieve what you desire, call me.

Speak kindly to yourself and ask for help when you need it. We all do at times.

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Marion Nixon

About the author

I love enabling women make their heart-dream real and supporting them as they grow in courage and confidence.

My desire to help others comes from my personal experience of breaking free from personal limiting beliefs into a new way of life. I’ve learnt how to clear the hidden inner resistance that holds you back from achieving your dreams and want to share that with you.

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