November 20


I need to change my button!

By Marion Nixon

November 20, 2022

My new ‘thing’ is croquet! I so enjoyed last week that I played again this week and I won (well, together with my game partner) my first game of the day. I’m hooked! I love the challenge, being outdoors, and the friendly interaction.

There’s one thing that did get to me – another self-proclaimed “I’m useless” person. This week I was irritated by this attitude and that affected my focus. And that increased my irritation! So croquet lesson number 2 is, other people’s negativity is not my problem.

My irritation with this woman’s negative self-perception tells me that I have work to do. Her attitude is her business, mine is my business, and mine is the only one I can fix. Fortunately I have the tools and experience to do that.

Taking responsibility for my attitude is not about criticising myself. It’s acknowledging that if I don’t like a situation, I’m responsible for how I respond to it – my respond-ability. So instead of staying irritated with the other person, I’m now wondering what hidden button has she pushed in me. As soon as I’ve identified it, I’ll reprogramme it.

Who or what pushes a button in you? When you take responsibility for your button instead of blaming the other person for pushing it, you’ll start finding it easier to reduce the intensity of your reaction. This is not a quick fix, deeper work is needed to reprogramme your button, but it will give you a different perspective and with practise, a less intense reaction.

 Call me if you’d like to know more about reprogramming one of your buttons.

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Marion Nixon

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