August 16


Are you one of 9% or 91%?

By Marion Nixon

August 16, 2023

Are you one of 9% or 91%?
These are the stats for successfully setting goals
And the scary, or comforting part, depending how you look at it, is it’s the 91% who are NOT successful…

I used to feel that setting financial goals was a set up for failure as I had no idea how to guarantee I’d reach them. What I didn’t understand was that goals are about stretching yourself, building confidence to try new things, and you can start small: start with a goal that is an exciting, rather than a scary, stretch!

Check which of your values will be fulfilled by reaching your chosen goal. This is important because your values are your ‘drivers’ and consciously aligning your goal with your values will motivate you to achieve it.

Next, choose a date by which you will achieve your goal. This is a statement of commitment and a prompt to creating a plan of action with a timeframe.

Now check for doubts, objections, and limiting beliefs triggered because your goal will be taking you into unknown territory. Reframe these thoughts and feelings from blocks into understanding that your nervous system wants to keep you in safe territory. Unfortunately staying safe means you won’t reach your goal so explain the benefits of achieving your goal to the part of you that’s feeling scared.

My favourite method of releasing limiting thoughts is Emotional Freedom Techniques as it ‘rewires’ connections in the brain, making it easy to change your mindset from fearing to embracing change. Call me to see how this would help you.

There is no guarantee that you will achieve the goals you set, so here are two quotes to keep you motivated:

Jim Rohn: The purpose of the goal is the person you become, not what you get.

Blair Singer:  You may set a goal and not reach it, but you will always have achieved something else in the process.

If you want help to achieve your goals, call me.

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Marion Nixon

About the author

I love enabling women make their heart-dream real and supporting them as they grow in courage and confidence.

My desire to help others comes from my personal experience of breaking free from personal limiting beliefs into a new way of life. I’ve learnt how to clear the hidden inner resistance that holds you back from achieving your dreams and want to share that with you.

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