September 2


How are your plans flowing?

By Marion Nixon

September 2, 2023

Do you ever wonder why some people's plans seem to flow without major obstacles while it’s always a struggle to make yours work?

Perhaps the root of this is internal not external... your subconscious mind is way more powerful than your conscious mind and it can hinder your progress without your conscious awareness.

What subconscious thoughts are getting in your way? The usual culprits are:

Projecting your insecurities on to others – so often the doubts and faults you find in others are actually your own. It’s much the same emotional reflex as a child blaming another one for his misdemeanor, except it’s a subconscious reaction that you are not aware of doing.

Desperately holding on to your plans – this is also called getting in your own way. Your perspective is not the only one, and there may be a better way of achieving the outcome you want.

Holding on to the past – repeating past patterns may have worked for you for a while, but over time things change and old patterns need to be updated: to get a different outcome, you need to do something different.

Self-limiting beliefs – children learn so much from the words, tone of voice, facial expressions, as well as actions, of the adults around them. Many of these become limiting beliefs about themselves and what they can achieve and are carried into adulthood..  We all have them, including you!

Constant need for validation – another ‘hangover’ from childhood. If you didn’t receive the validation you needed as a child you will still be seeking it as an adult. Social uncertainty is a symptom of needing external validation. It can be changed – I’m proof of that, so ask me how.

Fear of uncertainty – your comfort zone is called that because it feels safe and comfortable. Stepping out of it means stepping into the unknown and that can be scary. I prefer to imagine extending my comfort zone rather than jumping out of a box!

Want to train your subconscious mind to support your goals? Call me.

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Marion Nixon

About the author

I love enabling women make their heart-dream real and supporting them as they grow in courage and confidence.

My desire to help others comes from my personal experience of breaking free from personal limiting beliefs into a new way of life. I’ve learnt how to clear the hidden inner resistance that holds you back from achieving your dreams and want to share that with you.

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