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I have worked in natural health for over two decades, during which time I realised that health starts in the mind, not the body. I now focus my work on enabling my clients to change the hidden beliefs that keep them struggling and stuck, into positive ones that enable them to do, achieve, and be what they want, and so create the life they want. Many limiting beliefs are formed as a result of trauma, many from childhood experiences that to adults don’t seem significant, but leave us with beliefs that limit our potential. I love enabling my clients to overcome the consequences of big and little traumas, using the same methods that transformed my own life.

Before I discovered the world of natural health my love of learning took me into the academic world, and to a Masters Degree in Religious Studies.

My spiritual life is the foundation of my compassion and concern for the well-being of others. My particular concern is for those who have experienced trauma both in childhood or adulthood as I know from my personal life how these experiences can negatively affect one’s life.


My Story

I spent the first part of my life wanting more fulfillment. I knew I wanted to help people ‘put their lives back on track’ but had no idea how to make it happen. What did happen is that I spent many years ‘peeling my own onion’, layer by layer creating new tracks for my own life. In the process I learnt that we each have our own life journey and it is what it is because of our particular experience.

In the course of my own life journey I have found, and continue to learn, many useful healing techniques. This life-learning has deepened my own growth as well as my ability to guide and support you in freeing yourself from the limitations imposed by past experience and the limiting beliefs you collected along the way. We all collect these beliefs as we try to make sense of our life experience and find the best way to keep ourselves safe from physical and emotional hurts. The problem is that the behaviours built on these beliefs don’t stand the test of time, and what supported our well- being at one time, becomes a limitation later in life. One example of this for me was discovering in adulthood that part of my social inhibition was rooted in the childhood instruction not to talk to strangers … I seldom felt at ease with people when I first met them and found it hard to make conversation – not a great way to make friends! Fortunately, once the old belief was out the way, I could learn the social skills I lacked.

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