Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they only determine where you start  
     Nino Qubein

What my clients say ....

I would highly recommend Marion's Positive Mindset Coaching to anyone who is feeling a bit stuck in their emotions and struggling to move through these feelings into implementing their desired actions. I found the sessions were really quick and effective at shifting me from knowing what I wanted to achieve to actually having the ability to take positive steps with ease and confidence. Marion's multifaceted approach allowed me to quickly dial down to the core issue and release it, giving me the freedom to resolve the situation without the emotional baggage that was holding me back and keeping me stuck. 

I have loved working with Marion. She was able to steadfastly and gently hold space for me during the matrix sessions so I could go into some deep-rooted pain. I cleared many limiting ideas I had picked up and had fun in the process. I am deeply grateful for her accepting, caring presence that kept me focused and guided me back beyond illusions into closer alignment with the truth of who I am. My life goals have changed as a result of our sessions and I look forward to the future now. Marion is patient, gentle and strong. I totally recommend her Matrix Reimprinting which has helped me so much.

I have worked with Marion for many years. She has been there for me when I've most needed it, calming me with her wisdom and genuine desire to help. I highly recommend her for Emotional Freedom Techniques or even just to steer you in the right direction.

It was my first experience of Emotional Freedom Techniques so I wasn't sure what to expect. Marion carefully explained the techniques to me and I soon felt relaxed and ready to begin. I felt relief after the session and a new kind of freedom to spend time doing what I really love doing without feeling guilty about not being productive in a remunerative way. I look forward to my next session and can recommend Marion's EFT therapy to others as it really works.

I'm so happy to be back at college. It feels weird to think I nearly left. I feel so grateful for all I learnt last week and my growth from there. I feel in control and ready to face almost everything. I almost forgot about my own courage. I'm constantly trying to use all sorts of your methods every time of the day.  Thank you so much for everything. Thank you so much! You are such a kind, inspiring soul and I hope to help others the way you can.

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My vision is to empower women to live true to themselves with confidence and courage to make any changes they desire, big or seemingly small. Even outwardly small changes can require inner courage. Big or a small pebbles dropped into a pond create ripples that radiate out into big circles. I want to see all women creating ripples as they live to their full potential by living true to themselves.