Align your purpose and passion to achieve success

Purpose guides your choices to keep you moving towards the results you want

Passion keeps you motivated and aligned with your values

Success is passionately living out your purpose from your heart-space

What if the key to your best life possible is not what you do, but what you think?

95% of your thinking is done by your subconscious mind which means your conscious thoughts
are just 5% of your thinking capacity!

What would your life be like if you could harness the power of your subconscious mind?

Positive Results Coaching will help you do that.

Just for YOU :  

Private Coaching

Want to rediscover your sense of purpose? Let me help you do that, and align your purpose with the values that motivate and impassion you, making your life vibrant and fulfilling.

Just for You coaching is the most powerful way to work with me and will give you maximum transformation. I'm committed to giving you significant results through your commitment to a minimum of 4 appointments within a 6  week period.
Book a free 30 min consultation to see how  I can help you.

Clarity, Confidence, Courage Programme

If you are feeling unsure of the way forward, or know that to make progress there needs to be change yet don't know what the next step is, the Clarity, Confidence, Courage programme is the key to creating the results you want.
Clarity gives you direction and streamlines your decision making
Confidence holds your vision and strengthens your motivation
Courage enables you to take action

Complete the 3 step programme in 8 weeks or do each step on its own

These courses can be followed on your own or in small groups.

Book a free 30 minute consultation to discuss how you can benefit from this programme.

Foundation for Success


Are you trapped in a box created by other people's expectations? Are you wanting more, but not sure what that more is...? You have a secret desire that's hard to acknowledge because it seems impossible (or not permissible)?
The Foundation For Success 1 day course will give you clarity on your heart-desire, identify and release your hidden resistance to it, and align your sense of purpose with your core values which are the source of your passion.
You will learn tools to keep you living true to your purpose and the values that give vibrancy
, passion and joy to your life. Living and working from this heart-space opens the way to success.


Blueprint for Success

Are you struggling to get the results you want? What if the solution is not to work harder but to change the subconscious thought patterns that keep you stuck and struggling?
The 4 week Blueprint For Success course will identify and release your subconscious blocks and give you the confidence to achieve the results you want, with ease instead of struggle.
Module 1: Mindset shift - your intention and story
Module 2: Belief and Possibility - set a big goal
Module 3: Shine brighter - building confidence
Module 4: Activate success - get ready to take action.

Break Through Procrastination


Do you struggle to get things done? Does time run away with you? procrastination has many forms - starting a project too close to the deadline, doing less important tasks first, etc. I have found it is more effective to deal with WHY you procrastinate rather than how. So instead of struggling to change your behaviour by will power, the 3 week Break Through Procrastination course will show you how to release the hidden reasons you procrastinate, and that makes it SO much easier to do things in more productive ways. 
Module 1: Break through Overwhelm
Module 2: Break through Anxiety
Module 3: Break through Inner and Outer Criticism

"Thank you for the Breakthrough Procrastination course. It really has made a difference! I called 4 schools to set up appointments. Now the scary part is over I can look forward to the actual meetings."  Kirsty

"The Foundation for Success course gave me guidance and direction so I have a clearer picture of what I want. I gained tools, explanations and solutions to challenges I faced. It was great!"  Bronwyn

"I would highly recommend Marion's Positive Results Coaching to anyone who is feeling a bit stuck. ... I found the sessions were really quick and effective at shifting me from knowing what I wanted to achieve to actually having the ability to take positive steps with ease and confidence."  Cath

"Thank you for the Breakthrough Procrastination course. It really has made a difference! I called 4 schools to set up appointments. Now the scary part is over I can look forward to the actual meetings."  Kirsty