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Our beliefs about ourselves and the world were formed to help us make sense of our lives and keep us safe when we were growing up, but now in our adult life they’re sabotaging our success. The good news is that today we have ways to reprogramme our subconscious minds, simply, easily, and very effectively, so change is just a decision away.

Decide TODAY

  • to end your frustration and struggle to have the life you want,
  • to get out of the rut you’ve been stuck in for how long,
  • to slay the Sabotage Dragon once and for all!

My programmes have been designed for optimal results. Together we will make the changes that will empower you to achieve ALL you desire with ease.

Working with me: appointments are on Skype, by telephone, or in person. Bodywork appointments can, of course, only be in person. If you’re unsure which of the following programmes would suit you, request a 30 minute no cost introductory consultation with me.

Programmes and Workshops

One on One Sessions:

  1. Triple-A Rated:

    A 3 session programme over a maximum of 4 weeks – this addresses the three steps to success:

    • Attitude – aligning your subconscious beliefs with success
    • Action – empowering you so you can action your goals
    • Association – identifying yourself with success and successful people
  2. Deep Change:

    6 sessions in a maximum of 8 weeks addressing the changes you wish to make. This time frame allows continuity and constructive support as well as in-depth work to clear the old beliefs, hurts and fears and establish your new way of being. The Programme is developed around Your needs and desire for change and will be unique to you.

    An optional extra in-person appointment is a Cranio-Sacral Therapy session as a 7th appointment to support your nervous system in integrating the changes that have rewired it over the previous 6 weeks.

  3. Shape Change:

    A 6 week Weight Loss Programme which addresses the underlying reasons for being overweight. Our eating habits are often related to emotions not physical hunger. By resolving the underlying emotional distress and limiting beliefs that cause food cravings, it becomes easy to eat healthily, and for our bodies to digest food effectively.

    An optional extra to this programme is a 9 Day Cleansing and Weight Loss Plan which stabilises the body’s metabolic rate for lasting weight loss with new eating habits.

    Another optional extra is a course of 5 Lymph Drainage Massages with essential oils to help your body detox, reduce water retention, and relax. This is also a great way to love your body.

Group Workshops:

The following Programmes are also available in a Group Workshops format for a minimum of 6 people

  • Shape Change Programme for weight management: 6 weekly 2 hour sessions
  • Triple A Rated Programme to enhance success: 1 day
  • Neck and Shoulder Tension Relief Programme: 3 hours
  • Eliminate Procrastination: 3 hours or 3 weekly 1 hour sessions online
  • Double Your Confidence: 90 mins live or online

Bodywork Sessions:

  1. Deep Restoration: 3 Cranio-sacral Therapy appointments to release tension from your body and calm your nervous system, so your body can relax, realign, and heal.
  2. Aroma ‘Spoil Me’: 3 essential aromatic oil massages, with oils chosen specifically for you. These massages will soothe your body and mind, reducing accumulated stress and calming your emotions. The Programme is an extremely pleasurable way to de-stress, deeply relax, uplift your spirit, and simply love yourself.
  3. Neck and Shoulder Tension Relief: in just ONE session learn simple exercises you can do yourself, at your desk or at home, to release habitual de-energising tension and pain in your neck and shoulders.

Contact Me to book the any of the above sessions or find out more about the programmes.

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