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My programmes have been designed for optimal results, however there are occasions when a single bodywork session is appropriate so I have included rates for these.

The 9 Day Cleansing and Weight Loss Programme can be done on its own. It is highly effective and the weight stays lost, but if you’re an emotional eater you need to deal with your triggers to ensure you don’t relapse into comfort and /or binge eating when under stress. In this case the Shape Change programme will give you better long-term results.

Similarly, the Lymph Drainage Programme can be done with the Shape Change Programme or alone but is most effective if the 9 Day Cleansing and Weight Loss Programme in included in the package.

If you’re unsure which of the following programmes would suit you, request my no cost 30 minute introductory consultation.

An introductory 30 minute consultation at no cost is available on request if you’re unsure which of the following programmes would best suit you.

6 week programmes (one session per week)

6 week programmes:  90 minutes per session (once a week)

  • Deep Change: Personal Change Programme
  • Shape Change: Weight Loss Programme

Optional enhancements to 6 week programmes

  • Deep Change Programme: Cranio-Sacral Therapy
  • Shape Change Programme:
    • 9 Day Cleansing and Weight Loss Plan
    • 5 x Lymph Drainage Massage
  • Lymph Drainage package PLUS the 9 Day Cleanse
  • Shape Change Programme PLUS Lymph Drainage PLUS 9 Day Cleanse

3 Week Programmes

  • Triple A Rated: 3 sessions over a maximum of 4 weeks
  • Deep Restoration: 3 Cranio-Sacral Therapy appointments in 4 weeks
  • Aroma ‘Spoil Me’: 3 Essential Aromatic oil Massages in 4 weeks

Single Sessions

  • Neck and Shoulder Tension Relief mini workshop including manual
  • Body work (Cranio-Sacral or Aroma-therapy)
  • Personal Change: after completing a full Deep Change or Shape Change Programme, clients are eligible for an occasional ad-hoc appointment at a special rate.

Workshops (minimum 6 people)

  • Triple-A Rating 1 day
  • Shape Change 6 x 2 hour weekly sessions
  • Neck and Shoulder Tension Relief 3 hours, including manual

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