As a professional in my own field I value the thoroughly professional manner in which Marion treats her clients. While maintaining this professional approach, Marion shows compassion and care and applies her knowledge and skills as appropriate for each individual session. I have found Marion to be an intuitive therapist, offering a holistic dimension to her work. I have referred my friends to Marion with the confidence they will be treated by an experienced therapist with compassion and care in a professional manner.

— Customer


I’ve been a sufferer of TMJ for a number of years. After a series of treatments I was able to eat apples and yawn! This after having been to various other people for specific treatment for this condition with little or no result.

— Customer


I have experienced how Marion has incorporated her theoretical knowledge with her practical skills and how this has enabled her to focus on the individual needs of her client. Marion has wonderful hands and all the sensitivity and awareness needed to find the trouble spots and to encourage the body to heal itself by relieving stress.

— Customer


Marion is empathetic, intuitive and a good listener, as well as being a practical person and she brings a gentle innate wisdom to her work. She knows instinctively what it is the client needs. Treatments with Marion are always a pleasure and she is able to get to the root of the problem, be it stress or a physical issue.

In a nutshell Marion knows what she is doing and she does it extremely well. I have always left Marion’s treatments feeling gently energised, healed, relaxed and with a sense of well-being.

— Customer

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