Self-doubt to Confident Courage

I enable smart, heart-centred business women overcome the procrastination and self-doubt of imposter syndrome and trust themselves enough to follow their heart- dream and live life true to themselves instead of getting stuck in others' expectations. 

What if the key to your best life possible is not what you do, but what you think?

95% of your thinking is done by your subconscious mind which means your conscious thoughts are just 5% of your thinking capacity!

What would your life be like if you could harness the power of your subconscious mind?

Positive Mindset Coaching enables you to achieve the life you desire.

Ignite Your Purpose and Passion for Profit

Are you feeling unfulfilled, frustrated? You know there should be more to life and work than same old same old… but what?

No sense of direction? If you don't know where you're going, you can't make progress. Don’t waste any more time going nowhere.

You have a secret desire that's hard to acknowledge because it seems impossible (or not permissible)?

Work with me for 6 weeks to discover your Heart Dream, your Purpose - your Big Why - and understand your Values - your Motivation - so you can build your Vision for profitable success. You'll get your sense of purpose back, decide where you’re going, and why you're going there. That will make you unstoppable on the journey to profitable success.
These are the steps you'll take:
Module 1: Tell your story
Module 2: Discover your heart-dream
Module 3: Identify your values
Module 4: Clarify your purpose
Module 5: Create your vision
Module 6: Experience your future perfect

Stop spinning to nowhere! Light up your Purpose and Passion to make your Heart Dream real in 6 weeks, starting Now!

Create a New Money Mindset

Why are some people more successful in money matters than others? Because they have a wealth mindset.
What you believe about money determines your income and your ability to create wealth. It also determines how hard you need to work to earn money.
Your money mindset is your unique set of beliefs and attitude about money. It drives the decisions you make about saving, spending and handling money. It shapes the way you manage your money, how you feel about debt, your attitude toward people who make more or less money than you, how comfortably you give to others, and your ability to invest with confidence and so create wealth.
If you're not creating wealth, you first need to create a wealth mindset: you need to think like a millionaire to become a millionaire.

This 8 week course will change the way you think and feel about money, will release your hidden blocks to creating more wealth (we all have a secret money ceiling), and give you the confidence to become a good money manager.
You will examine
1. How Money and Emotions are Connected
2. Your Money Mindset
3. Debt vs Wealth Creation
4. Setting Money Goals : First step to creating wealth 
5. Your Worth as a Receiver
6. Balancing Giving and Receiving
7. Your Attitude to Wealth
8. New Money Habits

8 weeks to a new relationship with money! Create a wealth mindset and your life will change.

Short Courses

Are you wanting better results but feeling unsure of the way forward? You know that to make progress something needs to change, but aren't sure what.
Take your first steps with these short courses designed to move you from self doubt to self confidence.

Blueprint for Success :                
Confident goal setting

Are you struggling to get the results you want? What if the solution is not to work harder but to change the subconscious thought patterns that keep you stuck and struggling?
This 4 week course will identify and release your subconscious blocks and give you the confidence to achieve the results you want, with ease instead of struggle.
Module 1: Mindset Shift - your intention and story
Module 2: Belief and Possibility - set a big goal
Module 3: Shine Brighter - building confidence
Module 4: Activate Success - prepare for success

Double your confidence and reach one goal, starting now! 

Break Through Procrastination :
Remove your blocks to confident action

Do you struggle to get things done? Does time run away with you?
Procrastination has many forms - starting a project too close to the deadline, doing less important tasks first, etc. I have found it is more effective to deal with WHY you procrastinate, rather than how. So instead of struggling to change your behaviour by will power, this 3 week course will show you how to release the hidden reasons you procrastinate, and that makes it SO much easier to do things in more productive ways. 
Module 1: Break through Overwhelm
Module 2: Break through Anxiety
Module 3: Break through Criticism

Get better results in less time with less stress. Start now instead of wasting more time.


We use our experience to create yours

Do you struggle to achieve what you want? Does ‘life’ keep sabotaging your plans? How often do you say ‘not enough’ – not enough time, money, energy, experience, knowledge… but secretly feel you’re not good enough?

I’ve been there and have learnt how to clear the hidden inner resistance that holds you back from achieving your dreams. For years I watched my dream slowly wither while I stayed trapped by the salary of a dead-end job until I was retrenched and had to recreate my life. I set up a complementary health practice and soon learnt that good health starts in the mind, not the body, and that led me to a new passion. I now love enabling my clients achieve the results they desire by helping them through the uncertainty of stepping into the unknown territory of their dreams, and by supporting them as they grow in courage and confidence.

The neuroplasticity techniques I use make it easy to rewrite unhelpful thought patterns and beliefs into ones that support successful achievement. In addition to this, my insightful analysis will enable you to asses and clarify the results you want in your business and your life so you can confidently take action to make them a reality. My work is based on the knowledge and wisdom of twenty years’ experience in complementary health. That experience has given me a deep understanding of the way in which your body and mind work together to give you the life experience you desire. The quality of your personal life impacts your business and the quality of your business life impacts your personal life, which is why it is so important to align your values and life vision with your sense of purpose for your business. Without that alignment it is easy to lose perspective in tough times. When aligned, you can stay focused and motivated for success.


How we make a difference to your business

Clear direction
Strategic decisions
Personal confidence
Motivational values
Defined purpose

Inspiring vision

All these factors create a foundation for staying focused on priorities and long-term vision instead of being distracted by short-term seemingly good ideas. Strategic decision making is much easier when you have clarity on your values, and know how these support your purpose and vision.
This also gives you a strong foundation for a brand identity which attracts your ideal clients, and helps you interact positively with them and retain their loyalty.


 What our clients say about us

“The workshop gave me guidance and direction so I have a clearer picture of what I want. I gained tools, explanations and solutions to challenges I faced. It was great!”

Bronwyn de Klerk

Insurance Consultant

“Ignite Your Purpose and Passion for Profit has been of immense benefit. It took me out of a CoVid ‘paralysis’ … and brought to life a dream of writing that I didn’t ever expect would become real.
I am deeply, deeply impressed by the way the course is structure and perhaps more by the way it was delivered. I really felt in ‘safe hands’ – and I do not say that lightly."

Ann Turner

TEFL School Founder

“Thank you for the Breakthrough Procrastination course. It really has made a difference! I called 4 schools to set up appointments. Now the scary part is over I can look forward to the actual meetings.”

Kirsty Melmud

Life Coach

We’d love to talk about what matters to you.